Experian dedicates itself to young entrepreneurs in collaboration with Jong Ondernemen

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Student company programme will prepare young entrepreneurs for their personal and professional future

The Hague, 15 March 2018 – Today Experian announced its collaboration with Jong Ondernemen, a foundation that focuses on the development of talent and entrepreneurship among youngsters and students. Together with the education sector, information services company Experian and Jong Ondernemen will help these young potential entrepreneurs with relevant programs and projects to prepare them for a future of entrepreneurship. Thanks to this collaboration, students will be guided by true industry professionals and have access to resources which will help them start their own businesses.

To Experian, it is important that young entrepreneurs become more aware of the possibilities of  data – not only when it comes to business, but also on a personal level. By sharing professional experiences and knowledge, and through coaching and evaluating, Experian will help students to learn more about how to manage data and take smart and well-informed decisions focused on the growth of their future companies. In addition, for Experian, this collaboration will provide insight in the college life of Dutch students, which will help the company to even better understand the local Dutch market.

Hubert Deitmers, Chairman Jong Ondernemen: “We are delighted to announce that Experian will help us prepare students for a future of entrepreneurship. In this fast changing world, data and information play a very important role. The current economy is continuously asking for more entrepreneurial and pioneering employees. And of course, entrepreneurship could be interesting for everyone, considering everyone is, in one way or another, an entrepreneur of their own future!” 

Beatrice Larregle, Market President at Experian: “Social responsibility is very important to Experian. We believe that education and entrepreneurship are two of the most important ingredients for a healthy economy. Innovation plays a very important role in Experian’s business, and is key for Jong Ondernemen and the education sector as well. By reaching out and involving these students, we are teaching them the importance of financial literacy, giving them the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively. With doing this, we are able to support potential entrepreneurs in the development of their own futures.”

This week Experian and Jong Ondernemen celebrate their collaboration showing that both parties are eager to start. The first part of the program will be a series of live events. On March 17th the first market day takes place in Arnhem. At this event student companies from the eastern regions in the Netherlands get the chance to present their company to the public and media. Further regions will follow in March and April leading up to the regional finals and eventually the national final June 11th. An exciting moment for both the students and Experian’s jury members since the winner will compete in the European Enterprise Challenge in Riga, Latvia. Experian will commit themselves to further support of the Dutch team throughout the European challenge to also have students benefit from Experian’s extensive international experience. 



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