Avanade: interview met Elena Veli 

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Interview Jong Ondernemen – Elena Veli

Imagine, what would happen, if entrepreneurship education were a regular feature in every school?
I believe it’d be an amazing new world full of opportunities for everyone! By instilling entrepreneurial skills and mindset from an early age, students would be equipped with the creativity, resilience, and problem-solving abilities essential for navigating an increasingly dynamic and competitive world. Hence, integrating entrepreneurship education into the mainstream curriculum could cultivate a generation of forward-thinking and resourceful individuals poised to make significant contributions to the global landscape.

What does Avanade think is important about entrepreneurship education?
Entrepreneurship education empowers individuals with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate an ever evolving and competitive global landscape. Also, it contributes to economic development by nurturing a culture of innovation and fostering the creation of new businesses and job opportunities. Ultimately, at Avanade, we believe that entrepreneurship education is important for equipping individuals with the tools to thrive in a dynamic world and make meaningful contributions to both their personal growth and the broader community.

Why does Avanade support Young Entrepreneurship?
Avanade has a mission to enable young people to achieve more through the power of our people and digital innovation. This mission has led to our signature partnership with Junior Achievement for supporting young entrepreneurship. Through our partnership with Junior Achievement, we support the development of youth skills for the digital era to help equip the future workforce.

Elena Avanade partner van Jong Ondernemen

What does Avanade think about what we have accomplished so far?
Through this collaboration, we are dedicated to nurturing a generation of innovative and empowered young individuals. What we have accomplished so far with this partnership I believe is amazing if we think of all the youngsters that have been enabled to follow their dreams, collaborate, experiment, and bring their idea into life creating something meaningful to them and their communities.



Wil je ook samenwerken met Jong Ondernemen?

What excites you about our collaboration?
We have collaborated with Junior Achievement since 2016 supporting their programs designed to educate the next generation of business leaders. Together, we focus on imparting essential knowledge about technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship to young minds, laying the foundation for their future success. I believe that this dynamic partnership not only allows both parties to make a meaningful impact on individuals and local communities but also strives to equip youngsters with the necessary tools and skills to embark on their early entrepreneurial journeys.


In what ways can we better inspire and help young entrepreneurs along the way?
Young individuals benefit immensely from tangible examples of success and mentorship. Hence, cultivating a robust network of role models is crucial. I strongly believe that by establishing mentorship programs that connect experienced entrepreneurs with aspiring ones can provide valuable guidance, insights, and a sense of direction. Additionally, promoting diversity in the pool of role models can cater to a wider range of aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing varied pathways to success. Creating a supportive ecosystem that fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange between established and emerging entrepreneurs is essential for nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

What would you like to give young entrepreneurs?
A comprehensive support system that combines mentorship, education, networking, and a positive mindset can empower young entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the business world with confidence and determination. As Avanade, we’re delighted to play a role in JA young entrepreneurs’ journey and have our people supporting them with their skills and experience.

How can the collaboration between Avanade and Young Entrepreneurs be further strengthened?
Increased involvement in mentorship programs would be beneficial, where Avanade professionals can share their expertise, experiences, and industry insights with young entrepreneurs. Also, Avanade’s technological expertise could be leveraged to provide practical insights into emerging technologies, helping young entrepreneurs stay at the forefront of innovation. Finally, a commitment to diversity and inclusion within the collaboration would ensure a broad range of perspectives and ideas. By incorporating a diverse set of voices, Avanade and young entrepreneurs can collectively contribute to a more vibrant and resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Wat doet Jong Ondernemen precies?

Jongeren hebben vele talenten alleen weten ze zelf vaak niet welke. Jong Ondernemen wil jongeren helpen bij het ontdekken van hun talenten. Dit doen we door het aanbieden van verschillende programma’s. Tijdens deze programma’s kijken we naar verschillende vaardigheden. Deze vaardigheden zijn: creativiteit, doorzettingsvermogen, zelfvertrouwen, initiatief nemen, samenwerken en verantwoordelijkheid nemen. Wij hebben programma’s voor de basisschool tot en met hbo. Meer weten over Jong Ondernemen? Bekijk dan deze pagina. Of wil je meer weten over SKB? Klik dan hier.